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Life has changed and so has our world. The world we currently live in has experienced dramatic changes and it has certainly become more complex. Development and change have brought along the need to remember that our presence, our ideals as well as what we aim for the future. The past and the future are inextricably intertwined by what is known as present. Therefore we are positive that it is necessary to find a balance between having a forward attitude and being prudent, innovating without losing perspective of how important experience is and, encourage knowledge generation based on solid research. All these factors are paramount in order to attain what we believe to be fundamental: a winning attitude.

Everything blossoms from one initial idea. The implementation of this first idea must follow. A story is built over the years.

"An idea. A concept. A history. "

A Brazilian Law firm overlooking the world!

For that matter, we aim at building not only a law firm. We believe it is no longer feasible to operate in our current world without being fully integrated to today's economical and negotial fenomena, which became ever more complex over the last years given that Brazil now plays a major role in the economic international scenario. We are a country of continental proportions which does not seize to expand its tentacles in today's world economy.

Not only have we attained a much stabler economy, we have also successfully implemented the 'Real plan'. We have an institutional democracy where problems can still be found, however, the authority of the state is undeniable. We are no longer a 'no man's land'. There is still a lot to be done but we are positive that the roots of progress already run deep. Therefore, reducing our country's current deficiencies and maximizing our country's strenghts is not an easy task. However, we believe it is perfectly possible and viable if we try to do it better and, more importantly, if we try to do it differently than it has been done so far.

We focus on presenting solutions, not problems.

Our clients will have at their disposal a structure which will articulate and integrate Law and Economics, In short, a structure which will adjust the legal practice to the demands of economic life. We will work to generate new business alternatives, help firms to generate jobs and contribute to national development. We are most certain that Brazil will be a key player in the new economic arena. Brazil is here to win, and so are we.

The crisis which many developing countries are now facing will require active and forward action from emerging countries. The United States, in spite of its huge liquidity injection is not reacting in terms of improving America's real economy . The level of unemployment remainss high and American families, already indebted, do not have the means to take further loans. That prevents the nuts and bolts of the consumer market to expand,or even to retain their original market position. At the sight of economic stagnation, entrepreneurs greatly decrease their investments by protecting private capital in safer markets.

The financial situation which Europe is now facing is extremely fragile as well. What we have been witnessing is a serious threat to the consensus which has once created the European Union. After several years of financial bonanza, which have brought wealth to the rich countries of northern Europe as well as to the poorer ones located in the south of the continent, austerity measures are now paramount. The existance of unsustainable welfare - states is taking its toll on several countries' economies and devastating many countries' public accounts. The creation of a single economic block has diminished its member states monetary sovereignty so we will either witness withstanding of these nations during these harsh times or we shall watch the downfall of the European Union, with a serious risk of default on the part of the weakest economies of the EU.

The turbulent times that are yet to come to Brazil, India, China and Russia, as well as for all other emerging markets, may provide excellent opportunities for capital investment. Apart from offering a large consumer market potential, energy and unending natural resources, we also have commercial, industrial and structural bottlenecks that are yet to be supplied by entrepreneurs 'animal spirits'. Once it is awaken, this spirit shall spread to the real economy, generating jobs and businesses, innovating methods and solutions and choosing progress as opposed to backwardness.

The investor, however, requires a solid legal guarantees in order to run high risks. That is where our firm comes in. Besides our legal knowledge and our expertise on asset protection, we are specialists in Brazilian law and regulations and are able to provide the support required by our clients.

In order to fully develop our role, we believe that it is paramount to have a cause to live by: a love, a dream, a wish, an expectation, an achievement. We have joined all of these together in the quest for what we believe to be fair, honorable and correct. Those who have already been subject to bad ethical practices are aware that there is only one way to overcome them: to resist them. Having that in mind, we are firmly committed to oversee our clients' interests, therefore contributing to Brazilian development and to the continuous improvement of our institutions.

We are here to contribute and to make a difference.

Became a part of this story ! Of our story. One which has come to stay.