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Founder and team

We are currently structuring our team. We are focusing on recruiting professionals which, besides their professional qualifications and merit, wish to advance in their careers based on hard work,continuous improvement and decency. Our major focus relies on the never ending preparation and training of our lawyers, interns and collaborators. Besides that, we intend to foster strategic partnerships with independent collaborators which will further knowledge and expertise to our law firm and therefore enhance our ability to fulfill our clients’ necessities and expectations.


Sebastião Ventura Pereira da Paixão Jr.

Attorney at Law, enrolled in the Brazilian Bar Association (OAB) under number 58.450. LLB from the Pontifical University of Rio Grande do Sul (PUC-RS). Holds a postgraduate degree in General Theory of Law and State from the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS), having defended his thesis on " Declaration of Nullity of a Law Judged Constitutional Ex Hyphotesis - A Proposal for a New Concept of Constitutional Validity to Distinguish Levels of Incidence in the Brazilian System of Constitiutional Control', having been granted the highest mark. Mr. Pereira da Paixão Jr is also a specialist in Law of Private and Social Security from the University of Caxias do Sul (UCS) in partnership with the Superior School of the Federal Judiciary -Rio Grande do sul (Escola Superior da Magistratura Federal - RS), having focused his studies on private retirement funds. Mr. Paixão Junior substantial expertise is well - known in Brazilian tribunals. Mr. Paixão Junior is an articulist in several midia (both printed and digital), having written on subjects that range from law and politics to Brazil and global economic problems. He is also a collaborator of the Millenium Institute (Instituto Millenium) and a member of the Brazilian Institute of Law and Economics (Instituto Brasileiro de Direito e Economia). Mr. Paixão Jr is an individual member of Chatham House - London, one of the world's most renowned think thanks. He is the idealizer and founder of Sebastião Ventura Pereira da Paixão Jr Law firm and he is also our executive director.

We are currently structuring our team. We are focusing on recruiting professionals that, besides their professional qualification and merit wish to succeed in their careers through hard work, dedication and irreproachable moral standards. If you share our values and guiding principles, please send us your curriculum vitae to the e-mail address below: