Sebastião Ventura Pereira da Paixão Júnior - Escritório de Advocacia - Porto Alegre/RS
+55 51 3073-4873
Carlos Gomes, 1492, cj. 1101
Urban Concept - Porto Alegre/RS

An idea. A concept.

A Brazilian Law firm overlooking the world!

A history.

Everything blossoms from one initial idea. The implementation of this first idea must follow. A story is built over the years.

For that matter, we aim at building not only a law firm. We believe it is no longer feasible to operate in our current world without being fully integrated to today's economical and negotial fenomena, which became ever more complex over the last years given that Brazil now plays a major role in the economic international scenario. We are a country of continental proportions which does not seize to expand its tentacles in today's world economy.

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